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Sentri Card

Surname/Nom de famille/Appelido
Given Name/Prenome/Nombre
John Q.
Date of Birth/Date of Birth/Date of Birth
4 Jul 1976
Expiration Date/Expiration Date/Expiration Date
4 Jul 2020
Issuing Country/Issuing Country/Issuing Country

SENTRI Lane Locations

If you are a SENTRI member you can take advantage of expedient Customs and Border Protection process at the land border crossing when travelling to the U.S. from Mexico using the dedicated commuter lanes. There are 11 checkpoints where you can use your SENTRI pass. SENTRI has dedicated lanes at popular border crossings including San Ysidro, California; El Paso, Texas; San Luis, Ariz ; and Calexico, Calif. Below, you can find a complete list with the locations of dedicated SENTRI lanes.

SENTRI members receive a Radio Frequency Identification Document (RFID) card and vehicle ID tag upon their admittance in the program that they can use when entering the United States. The RFID technology allows CBP officers to quickly identify the travelers in the SENTRI lane. RFID card number sends your status and data to the CBP officer's screen. Then the officer verifies the received information and either lets you pass through the border checkpoint or requires you to go through further screening. According to the CBP the average screening time on the dedicated border crossing lanes for SENTRI participants is around 10 seconds compared to 30 to 40 seconds for non-members. On the busiest port of entry in the U.S., San Ysidro, the standard average wait time is 2-3 hours. Keep in mind that some lanes such as the ones in Mexicali have specific work schedule and may be closed at certain hours.

US Mexico Border Lane Locations

City State
Douglas Arizona
Nogales Arizona
San Luis Arizona
Calexico California
Otay Mesa (San Diego) California
San Ysidro (San Diego) California
Anzalduas Texas
Brownsville Texas
El Paso Texas
Hidalgo Texas
Laredo Texas

Last modified:

  September 12th, 2017