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NEXUS Card Interview

Once your NEXUS application is conditionally approved, you will need to schedule an in-person interview in one of the NEXUS enrollment centers. The interview process varies with NEXUS interview locations but is similar to the questioning and inspection when clearing customs at the airport. The interview will take approximately 30 minutes at an enrollment center of your choice. Individuals applying for NEXUS will be interviewed by a customs officer from the USA and by another one from Canada.

What to Bring on the Interview

When going to your NEXUS pass interview, be sure to carry the following supporting documentation with you :
  • originals of identity documents such as passport, permanent resident card, birth certificate, US or Canadian visas, listed on your application
  • vehicle registration and title information for the vehicles you intend to use to cross the border; the make and license plate numbers will be included in your NEXUS file and you will not be able to cross in any other vehicle;
  • a valid driver’s license;
  • if lending or using vehicle that you don’t own, you will need notarized authorization letter (with company’s letterhead, if it is company’s property);
  • Proof of your address e.g. a rent receipt, utility bill, mortgage statement, ownership deeds etc;
  • If applying for a child under 18, you will need proof of custody and /or parental consent to take child across the US border ;
  • your “conditional approved” letter;

You may not be required to present all of the documents when you apply for NEXUS card. It depends on the NEXUS officer conducting the interview. Some applicants are asked to show all documents while others may only need to give their driver’s license and passport. In some cases one of the officers may ask for different documents than the ones you presented to their colleague.

NEXUS Interview

You can finalize the application process at NEXUS Enrolment center. There are a considerable number of NEXUS interview locations USA and Canadian residents can choose from. Once you report to the enrolment centre and your original documents are reviewed, you can proceed to the interview. You will be interviewed by a U.S. CBP and/or Canadian CBSA officer, who will do the following:
  • check the information provided on your application form to ensure it is valid and up to date;
  • verify your identity and review your documentation, including proof of citizenship and residency documents, work permits and visas;
  • check if you meet all eligibility requirements for membership;
  • take your fingerprints;

Nexus Interview Questions

The questions asked on a NEXUS interview are straightforward and similar to the ones you have answered on your application form. There will be no personal questions. Here is what you may typically expect to be asked:
  • “Why do you apply for Nexus card?”
  • “How frequent do you plan to use the NEXUS pass?”
  • “Where do you reckon you will travel to in the U.S./Canada?”
  • “Is this your current address?”
  • “Are you aware of the restrictions to holding the NEXUS card?” – You can answer “NO” since the program will be explained to you afterwards.
  • “Have any changes occurred since your application?”- this is the time to mention any changes in your address, personal information or recent criminal charges.
You may be asked questions related to your criminal record or behaviour such as:
  • “Have you ever taken drugs?”
If accepted in NEXUS, you will be:
  • informed about the terms and conditions of NEXUS;
  • asked to take a digital photograph of your irises. This is used to verify your identity when you enter Canada or the United States by air using the self-serve kiosks;
  • asked to take a photograph for your NEXUS membership card;
  • informed about the Traveller Declaration Card (Form E601) process (for Canadian residents only);
  • instructed how to use your NEXUS pass when crossing the border in t air, land or marine mode of transportation and how to use the self-serve kiosks.
  • notified that you may be subject to an inspection any time you enter the U.S. or Canada, even if you are a registered NEXUS member.
Note that not all Enrolment centres offer iris scanning. If you want to use your pass for air travel, you need to find NEXUS iris scan locations that are convenient for you.

NEXUS Program Rules

After the interview, the interviewing officer will explain the Nexus program rules to you and will answer your questions. You will receive a thick pamphlet that contains a list with all the things you can and can’t bring into the country under the Nexus program. If you are caught transporting forbidden goods, the items will be confiscated and your NEXUS card privileges will be revoked. You will not be allowed to re-apply because you would no longer be considered a trusted traveler. The interviewing officers specifically warn you that everyone in the car must have a Nexus pass when crossing the land border. You will also be notified that if you do have non-Nexus passengers in your car and you drop them off at the border to walk across, you will also have your Nexus membership рevoked right away. Customs and border patrol do not tolerate pedestrians walking through the traffic approaching the border.

After the Interview

You will be informed immediately if you are accepted into the NEXUS program. In most cases people who make it to the conditional approval stage are eligible to receive a NEXUS card, but this is not guaranteed. Your NEXUS card will arrive in the mail within 7 to 10 days after the interview. Keep in mind that some NEXUS cards may get lost in the mail while others may simply not be sent out because the interviewing officer didn’t forward your application to NEXUS HQ yet. Once you get your NEXUS, you need to activate it online by following the instructions.

Last modified:

  September 19th, 2017