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Surname/Nom de famille/Appelido
Given Name/Prenome/Nombre
John Q.
Date of Birth/Date of Birth/Date of Birth
4 Jul 1976
Expiration Date/Expiration Date/Expiration Date
4 Jul 2020
Issuing Country/Issuing Country/Issuing Country
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Global Entry vs Nexus

Do you wish you could bypass long wait lines at security at the airport?

Are you an American or Canadian citizen? If so, you may be one step closer to qualifying for a Global Entry card or a NEXUS card. Depending on your nationality you may qualify for one or other.

Who can get the Global Entry card? The Global Entry card is for anyone of:

• American

• Indian

• Colombian

• British

• German

• Citizens of Panama

• Citizens of Singapore

• Citizens of South Korea

• Citizens of Switzerland

• Mexican nationals

What’s the difference between a Global Entry card and a NEXUS card?

The NEXUS card is the Canadian version of the Global Entry, which like its counterpart allows you get through customs faster through the use of designated processing lanes.

Is one better than the other?

When it comes to applying for either card – the initial process for both are similar. Both Global Entry and NEXUS applications can be easily completed online at Global Trusted Traveler; However, one of the differences between the two cards is that families looking to apply could potentially find themselves paying more for one over the other.

Families looking to qualify for a Global Entry card, will have to pay $100 for background check each application; however, with the NEXUS application, applicants under 18 years are exempt from the fee which is $50 per application background check.

From start to finish, the application process can be a lengthy and tedious one, especially when it comes to arranging the interview. Though an application is processed, it is not a guarantee of approval, rather a step closer to obtaining ones Global Entry or NEXUS card.

Though, the interviewing for a card does provide some limitation, especially for American citizens looking to apply for a NEXUS card. Due to the lack of interview centers throughout the States, they may find themselves struggling to find interview stations - whereas, attempting to find an interview center for the Global Entry card is much more common and easier to access for Americans.

Why apply for a Global Entry card or a NEXUS card?

If you or your family travel between borders of the US and Canada frequently, having a Global Entry or NEXUS card will allow you to proceed through customs faster.

Due to the nature of the cards, applicants undergo a strenuous background checks – from their employment history and any criminal activity, these measures are meant to allow for a traveler to go through security safely and efficiently.

If you are an American traveler, the Global Entry card is the one for you. With more centers available for applicants to do their interview, it is a better choice than NEXUS; however, if you want to save money and you don’t mind travelling to the closes interview center, then NEXUS is the card for you.

From designated processing lines at airports and borderlines to a 5-year validity, obtaining a Global Entry or NEXUS card, allows you to become part of the Customs and Border Program (CBP).

With Global Trusted Traveler, whether it’s the Global Entry or the NEXUS card you want, you will find all the information you need to begin travelling with ease. No more waiting in line and no more stresses at the borders – as a CBP member, you can travel with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you qualified for a NEXUS or Global Entry card.

Last modified:

  July 23th, 2017