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Global Entry Interview Guide

Once you have applied for Global Entry program and paid the non-refundable fee, you need to wait for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to review your application. If it is conditionally approved, you will be invited to an in-person interview with a CBP officer. For many people these interviews can be quite stressful, mainly because they don’t know what to expect. Below you can find a complete guide to your Global Entry interview.

Application Processing Time

To check your application status, log into your GOES account. If the status of your application is “Pending Review”, then your application has been received and is currently being processed. The processing times vary by applicant, but it usually takes within 1-2 weeks for a Global Entry application to be reviewed. This includes vehicle enrolments as well. In comparison, for other trusted traveler programs such as NEXUS and SENTRI the processing time may be 3-5 months. Note that the process of reviewing your application cannot be expedited. Individuals who want to renew their membership can submit a renewal application before the expiration of their Global Entry card. They can continue to use their benefits until the renewal process is finalized. Renewing current membership should be done up to 6 months after the expiration date.

“Conditionally Approved” Application

After your application has been reviewed, the status on your GOES account will be updated to either "Conditionally Approved" or "Denied". You will also receive a letter with additional information. If conditionally approved, you will be notified to schedule an interview appointment at an Enrollment Centre. You need to do that within 120 days after you have received your notification. If fail to reserve a time slot within that timeframe, your application will be canceled.

Schedule Global Entry Interview

Here is how you can schedule an interview through your GOES account:

  • Log into your GOES account and go to your home page.
  • Click on the "Schedule Interview" button.
  • Choose the Enrollment Center for the program you applied. In this case Global Entry.
  • Select the date and time from the global entry schedule interview list of available time slots.
  • After the appointment has been confirmed, the status of your application will be updated to "Interview Scheduled".
Note that global entry interview wait time varies by location and some Enrolment Centers may not have available time slots. Alternate centers that may have availability sooner will be suggested to you. We recommend to check your GOES account regularly for cancellations, look up other centers for available time slots, or to contact the selected center to see if they will accommodate walk-ins. If you have an immediate trip, plan in advance and be flexible with the selection of Enrollment Center. Find to nearest global entry interview centers to.

Global Entry Interview Walk In

As mentioned in the previous, you have the option to walk in an Enrolment Centre and see if they available time slots for an earlier date. There is no guarantee that even if you wait there, you will be seen, but it’s worth to try. Here are some of the centers that accept walk-ins:

  • Nogales, Arizona Enrollment Center - very welcoming to walk-ins, but expect a long wait;
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – you may need to wait
  • Tucson International Airport – if you go there after 5:00pm, they will try to fit you in;
  • San Francisco International Airport – accepts only 6 walk-ins per day. Be sure to be in line before 8:00 am. Wait time varies between 45 minutes and 7 hours.
District of Columbia
  • Washington, DC, Enrollment Center
  • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
  • Atlanta Port Office, US Customs House
  • West Palm Beach, Florida, Enrollment Center – walk-ins only accepted between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily
  • Miami International Airport – if you come after 6:00 pm, you will wait less
  • Grand Portage, Minnesota Enrollment Center- walk-ins are a regular thing. Increase your chances for an interview and call in advance.
  • Warroad, Minnesota Enrollment Center
North Dakota
  • Pembina, North Dakota Enrollment Center
New York
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Pittsburgh International Airport
  • San Antonio International Airport – we suggest to call in advance to be placed on the wait-list.
  • Laredo, Texas, Enrollment Center

Cancel or Reschedule Interview

If you want to reschedule or cancel an appointment after you have selected a time slot, you can do it by using your application using your GOES account. Go to your home page after you have logged into your account and select the link to your application. An option to cancel or reschedule will be displayed.
Note that all changes to your interview appointment MUST be done through your GOES account.

What You Need to Bring To the Interview

On the day of the interview you need to bring the following global entry interview documents:
  • copy of your “conditional approved” letter;
  • valid passport(s) and one other form of identification such as ID card or driver’s license(originals);
  • machine readable permanent resident card, if you are a lawful permanent resident(originals);
Children are not required to provide proof of address. Their parents or legal guardians should be able to deliver proof of address on their behalf. It is essential t that you provide an accurate mailing address because that is where your card will be send to. If you do not receive your card because of an incorrect address, you will need to pay $50 to replace it. Cards are mailed to you in plain white envelopes and cannot be forwarded. Since trusted traveler cards are only mailed to addresses in U.S. and Canada, foreign nationals are not eligible to receive a Global Entry Pass. You don’t need to have a Global Entry card to receive air benefits. The pass is only needed for land border crossings.

Global Entry Interview Questions

Once you’ve arrived at the enrolment canter and you have your paperwork all lined up, you will proceed to the actual interview. The process should not take more than 10 to 15. The duration of the interview depends on how busy the CBP officers are on that day. On the front desk, you will be greeted and then you will be ushered inside the office. On your interview with the CBP officer your will be asked basic biographical information such as date birth, address, etc. There will be no personal questions. Here are some typical questions you may be asked:

  • Why do you want to join Global Entry?
  • How often do you travel to the countries you have stated in your application?
  • Do you travel with family and friends?
  • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Have you ever had any problem at customs or border patrol?

The CBP officer already knows the answers to most of the questions as you were pre-screened before you have come to the enrolment center. After the interview your fingerprints and a photo will be taken. If you approved, you will be instructed how to use the Global Entry kiosks.

How Long after Global Entry Interview Are You Approved?

You will know right away if you are approved or not. The CBP officer will hand you a letter of approval with a nine-digit number on the printout. This is your Known Traveler number. You will receive your Global Entry card within 1 or 2 weeks. Then you will have 30 days to activate it or you will be unable to use it. You can activate your Global Entry pass through your GOES account.

Enrollment on Arrival

Enrollment on Arrival is a CBP program that enables Global Entry applicants who are conditionally approved to complete their interviews once they arrive in the United States. This means that Global Entry applicant should necessarily schedule an interview at an enrollment center to acquire a membership. When you get to the international terminal follow the signage that will lead you to CBP officers who can manage your Global Entry interview. No additional documents other than the required documents for international travel (e.g., your passport) are needed. Upon the completion of the process, you will be asked to fill up a short feedback survey to help CBP improve this new Enroll on Arrival option. Keep in mind that a lot of Global Entry applicants may pick this option and you may end up on the airport for hours.

Global Entry Interview and Membership Renewal

Once you fill in your renewal application and pay the fee, you will need to check your GOES account regularly for updates on what you need to do next to complete the renewal process. You may be required to attend another interview. The decision depends on the vetting center and cannot be appealed. If your application is conditionally approved, you need to go through the interview process to finalize your renewal. An email with your membership status changes will be send that will direct you to your GOES account. Then you can check if your renewal application is approved or denied, or whether you need to schedule another interview.

Last modified:

  September 15th, 2017