How To Replace Your Lost Or Stolen Global Entry Card?

by Global Trusted Traveler

Posted on: August 24th, 2017

How To Replace Your Lost Or Stolen Global Entry Card?

Traveling in and of itself can be stressful – from border wait times, making sure you have your boarding pass then to ensuring all your documents are in order and secured. Sometimes though, in all the chaos and the planning and confirming, a document may get misplaced, and some documents are easier to replace than others.

Lose your Global Entry card?

Maybe someone stole your wallet along with your Global Entry card? Don’t worry – the process to replace a Global Entry card is as easy as when you had applied for one. Here you can learn how to replace your lost global entry card.

The process to reporting a lost Global Entry card or a stolen Global Entry card is very easy to do.

To begin the process of retrieving a new Global Entry card – Global Trusted Traveler will be your one-stop shop. Guiding you through the process of replacing your lost or stolen card, Global Trusted Traveler will not only help you get a new card but you can pay the $50 replacement fee online as well. With the Global Trusted Traveler site, you can rest assured that you won’t have to struggle or worry that you’ve lost your card. Why look anywhere else – when you can find all your necessary information online with us!

Verification of your profile is easy and even though your card may have been lost or stolen, your Global Entry number will not change; therefore, if you store that number in a secured spot, whether it be on your phone or a notebook, you can also use that to go through security while you wait for your new replacement card to come.

Once the process is complete and the fee has been paid, your lost or stolen Global Entry card will be deactivated. Though it is not always required, you may be requested to go to an interview center for your Global Entry card- thanks to Global Trusted Traveler though, you will find all the information you need for the interview process.

From the request of a new card to the possible re-interview, your new card will arrive in the mail after 8-weeks.

If you unfortunately lose your card while travelling abroad, don’t worry as you can still reap the benefits of a Global Entry member. One of the security features of the Global Entry card is that you submit to fingerprinting as a security feature and another method of verification of your profile. Thanks to this feature you can still take advantage of the fast processing lines at the border.

No matter where you are in the world, a Global Trusted Traveler assistant can help you through the process of replacing your lost or stolen Global Entry card. They will assist you should you need help going on your GOES account – as well, they can help answer any of your question and provide you with the support and assurance that your lost or stolen card won’t be jeopardized.

So the next time you travel and you’ve lost or had your Global Entry card stolen don’t worry, you can have your card replaced within a few clicks and continue travelling the stress and worry free way!

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  August 24th, 2017