Local guide: 48 hours in Sunny Beach and around

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Posted on: May 3rd, 2018

Local guide: 48 hours in Sunny Beach and around

Let’s make it clear – 48 hours won’t be enough for you. It won’t be enough at all to get the best of the best-valued seaside resort around the globe. But you might receive a great slice of the joy cake named Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Assuming that a reasonable person would book a suite for more than two days, we might propose that there will be time to repeat the story twice or thrice. Or trying to experience it three different ways, why not – the party animal, the lazy improviser, the family guy.


Well, probably not more than two of these roles will fit you during to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria vacation. Any type you think you are or you choose to be, the very first and basic thing you need to do is making sure the accommodation is guaranteed. Having been there one would rather be aware that opting from Balkan Holidays list links to the most suitable and affordable picks among the Sunny Beach hotels. Everyone’s choice is there depending on the type of your personality and the kind of vacation you desire to live through. Yep, that role model game – once again – but isn’t it reasonable to consider embarking on holidays to Bulgaria, Sunny Beach in accordance with family status and preferred lifestyle?


What sort of accommodation to stop on for the Sunny Beach holidays?


Some would be tempted by the lowest prices in the menu – the self-catering Sunny Beach hotels, costing as cheap as 200 something pounds per person for a week. But those who decide to pick this, need to know that they have to cook themselves or buy food – no meals are granted within the fee. Maybe not a bad choice for the party people. The family vacation anyway points more to the all-inclusive kind of Sunny Beach hotels. Spending a sum around 300 GBP per person or little more comes with all the food three times a day and the local beer is included too. On a second thought, this one might be the best for everyone.


Hey - some of you might say – what about this 48-hours experience? You’ll have a point, we have to tell why you should choose to go for the holidays to Bulgaria Sunny Beach and make you draw the picture inside your head.


Day 1

7 AM


Wait, isn’t it too early? And why do we have to start in the morning – if we arrive in the afternoon, can we kick off the show right away? This question makes sense from the mouths of the booze hyped travelers but let’s begin the day after your arrival for a fair start. 7 o’clock in the morning isn’t that early for anyone – you will have the time to wash your face and teeth, to have your breakfast and your coffee at peace. And then before 9 AM, you will be ready to take over the beach, the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Well, the party animals and the lazy improvisers would rather wake up later but have in mind that the Sunny Beach weather is perfect for sunbathing before 11 AM, after that up until 4 or 5 in the afternoon it gets too hot and you risk sunburns if not using protection lotions and a parasol.


12 AM


The family guys would pack and have a lunch in their respective choice among the Sunny Beach hotels. The lazy improvisers and the party people are more likely to crash on the beach around that type and some of them will pick a bar or a tavern around the sea. For now, these two types go along but wait for the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife to make the difference. Well, perhaps all three types would like to enjoy the Sunny Beach weather for a greater part of their first full day in the resort. Some would love to take a nap after the lunch, others would stay around the sea if not dive into it for a swim.


6 PM


Anyone should try the Sunny Beach holidays experience on the beach at that exact time of the day. The late afternoon is the favorite period for many people during the summer vacation for swimming and relaxing. Around 6 PM it’s still warm enough – both the Sunny Beach weather and water, but the risk to get burns occurs to be significantly lower. And it is quite refreshing before dinner.


And the last meal of the day – or the last in the list – differs in the schedule of the different types. Families would usually dine between 7 and 8 PM. The party animals who prepare for the long ride to plunge into the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife would have a snack or a dinner in the restaurant sometimes later.


11 PM


Early to bed, early to rise apply to the family type. The show’s just about to start for those who choose to be there for the famous Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife. The notorious Cacao Beach gets crowded little by little, the crowd crawls or jumps from pub to pub. Most of the tourists are still up, including those easy-going vacationers who hate to plan and prefer to float with the flow. Day 1 is about to end but Sunny Beach, Bulgaria indeed do not sleep during the heat of July and August.


Day 2

3 AM


Well, most of the people do sleep at that time. And the families residing in Marlin, Marvel, or Diamond – or any other among the all-inclusive Sunny Beach hotels – will rest peacefully during the night. But on other spots like Amora, Bikini, Bedroom, Cocoon – there is a club for every letter of the alphabet – the hype is in the middle of the show. The vibrant Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife represents one of the main reason for the increasing popularity of the resort.


7 AM


The families are up for another day at the beach. Don't wait for those night rockers and disco heads to appear on the sand anytime before noon... except if they choose to relax in the sunbed right after the party was over at dawn. The first rays of light might find some of them sleeping on the sands of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.


4 PM


Let's skip the lynch this time. Don't worry, it's still in the daily routine, it's needless to explain the same thing once again. In the afternoon any type of tourists should ready for something different among the options of amusement during the Sunny Beach holidays. Kids would enjoy the fun in some of the aquaparks in the area of the resort. So would the grown-ups. The beautiful town of Nessebar is just ten minutes away and а walk in the Old Town deserves to included in your program. Or a trip to the nearby Bourgas.


But you can leave that option for the next 48 hours. The sunset comes once again at the most prominent seaside resort in the country and this is the time when it comes to life after the late afternoon laziness. Now you know why Sunny Beach, Bulgaria never sleeps during the summer.


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  May 3rd, 2018